What 's Eating Gilbert Grape By Lasse Hallstrom Essay

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An individual who chooses to isolate themselves often cannot get the help they want. Many, often think for themselves. If one feels happy of where they are now their emotion wouldn’t change even if it is a poor decision for their own well-being. It is a person’s choice whether they would like to pursue their personal well-being or not. Mama, in the story of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape by Lasse Hallström displays an example of pursuing her own well-being. With many struggles Mama’s pursuit, her personal well-being decreases and leads to her being depressed.

It is only once a person meets with a significant challenge, that they cannot solve on their own that they realize they need the help of others. The need of attention and help in her life would help Mama. Although, in the movie, she never denies the help that is being given to her, but she does not do anything to help herself. Throughout the course of the movie, Mama tires to help herself in her physical well-being by physically standing up, just to go to the washroom. Because she does not get up very often, the kids have to make the effort to move the dinner table, or to grab her blanket, some cigarettes or a lighter. Gilbert at the beginning, explains his mom, “And there’s Mama, who in her day… was the prettiest girl in these parts.” He also says, “Mama’s had her hands full”. The way Gilbert talk about his mom throughout the course of the movie makes it seem like he lost respect for his mom. In a scene in the movie he…

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