What You Wear On A Long Journey? Essay

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What to Wear on a Long Journey?

Everyone loves exploring new places and going on holidays. It’s the bit that gets us to these new places that most of us don’t feel as excited about. Sitting still for more than three hours can feel like an eternity. Nonetheless, you don’t want to show up at the airport in your pyjamas or drive to a dream holiday wearing an age-old jumpsuit. So, what to wear for long journeys to guarantee comfort and style?

Back to black

Forget about sweatpants or uncomfortable, but stylish jeans and get back to basics with your trousers. Black leggings are comfortable and timeless, perfectly fitting all sorts of travel looks.

Pick a basic pair from Boohoo.com. The retailer’s suede leggings are elegant, yet offer plenty of comfort for your journey. If you’d like your leggings with a twist, head out to Black Milk Clothing. The wet look leggings from the retailer add just a bit more style to your look.

Lightweight and loose

With your shirt, you want to go with something extremely lightweight and loose. You don’t want the shirt to feel tight and you definitely want to allow your skin to breathe. No matter what season you are travelling, cramming up to a car, train or plain can get the sweat flowing and you don’t want your shirt to make it worse.

The Iconic sells a lovely white boyfriend shirt by All About Eve, which we love. You could also opt for the denim boyfriend shirt at ASOS. The retailer sells plenty of other great travel-fit shirts. New Look’s Tall…

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