What Would You Endure For Equality? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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What would you endure for equality? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would narrate a renowned letter that shows the effect related to injustice to his fellow clergymen in explaining the reasons why he believes the Civil Rights movement is well needed for the African Americans during 1963. Regardless of all the criticism, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gathered through his fellow clergymen, who would cite his actions as being “unwise and untimely” nonetheless, he would press on in completing his actions for equality. When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. writes his titled “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” he would underline the frustration of prolonging the Civil Rights movement any further, and emphasize the reason for why he felt he would be needed in Birmingham, alongside the subjugated atrocities he would equally endure and witness. From seeing these atrocities, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has gain the belief that the white moderate would abuse their position over the African-American citizens in Birmingham, through false imprisonment, brutal beatings and finally by murdering them.
Dr. Martin Luther King would assert his cognitive correlation to the situation in Birmingham through his connection to the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would highlight his disconcerting beliefs of attaining equality and the steadfast reasoning needed to obtain the rights associated with uniformity by stating “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Because…

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