What Would You Buy With 20000 Dollars? Essay

1799 Words Oct 30th, 2015 null Page
What would you buy with 20,000 dollars? Maybe a new car, or a new TV, or a new computer, or a new cell phone, or even new clothes. In reality, 20,000 dollars can buy a lot of things, however, you can only buy a year of college tuition with 20,000 dollars. Isn’t that crazy? Since 1980, tuition costs at colleges and universities has risen to 757 percent (Cecillia Barr). In comparison to food and electricity costs which have only risen 150 percent and gasoline prices which has only risen 400 percent (Cecillia Barr). As a result, college tuition costs in America has become the fastest growing cost since 1980 and is beginning to become a really big problem in today’s society. Therefore, the college tuition costs in America need to be lowered because it is preventing students from being able to attend college because they come from low income families who can’t afford it, and it is leaving students in debt from having to take out student loans to cover the remainder of their tuition, and the high tuition cost in America is making students decide to not attend college, which is resulting in admission and graduation rates dropping.
As a child, everyone tells you that if you work hard in school and make good grades then you will be able to go to college one day and become successful in life. So, you work hard in school and make really good grades. Then it’s your senior year and you are all ready for college. You made the right grades and you achieved a high GPA and you scored really…

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