What Were Pele's Accomplishments

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Did you know that Pele led the Brazilian national team to three world cups, and scored more than a thousand goals in his career? Many know Pele for his soccer talent and his unique skills on the field. In his early life, he had to face the challenge of poverty. Later in his life, when he finally got recognized for his talents, Pele took the soccer world by storm. His achievements in his career are unmatched to this day and he showed off impressive skills which made him an exciting player to watch. After his career, he was a celebrity who become a millionaire for many endorsements. Pele’s career was legendary because he overcame a hard early life, had a remarkable career, and continued it after his life.

Early Life

Pele had to go through tough times early in his life before he was recognized for his remarkable talents. According to FamousPeople.com, Pele was born on October 23rd, 1940 in Tres Coracoes, Brazil with a population of seventy thousand people. He was given the name Edson Arantes Nascimento,named after Thomas Edison. Also on FamousPeople.com it states, his parents were Dona
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First off, Pele. In 1994, Pele became sports minister of Brazil, and he spoke against Corruption. This is important because he is doing something even after retirement and is active. In Pele's career, he was a three-time World Cup champion and led his team to 8 division championships. With all these in mind, Pele became the Athlete of the century by the National Olympic Committee. In 2000 he got second place for the Sportsman of the century and the world's sports award. This showed how many thought that his career was legendary and thought that he electrified the sports world. With all his efforts of traveling around the world and promoting soccer, he had won the International peace award in 1978. In conclusion, Pele definitely is proven to be great but he has proved to be legendary

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