What Way Different Child Rearing ( Parenting ) Practices Essay

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Compare and contrast in what way different child-rearing (parenting) practices, in two different countries/regions, are linked to childhood quality of life children’s outcomes


Emerging from the importance of looking at childhood in a global perspective, this essay will reflect and compare similarities and differences between two different cultures Spain and Inuit Canada childrearing practices. In western society, childhood and child rights are understood as a socially constructed, whereas the Inuit indigenous people in Canada acknowledge children’s rights, their participation and entitlement of respect from birth. Baumrind’s parenting styles as well as the ecological system by Bronfenbrenner 's and sociocultural by Vygotsky are used to explore briefly practices of child rearing.


Barbara Rogoff (2003) defines child-rearing practices as tools employed by all societies to prepare children through customs, use of languages and learned skills from one another. Although there are few similarities between the two regions in this paper, however, culture creates deviations in the beliefs and behaviours of the parents, as a consequence marks their practices of child rearing. The different child rearing styles and the outcome of the quality life for the child in Spain and Inuit Canada is examined throughout the essay.

Participation in the society

“Modeling” is a method children learn through from adults by copying behaviors. Every community, children…

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