What Was Your College Experience Like? Essay

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What was your college experience like? Being a college student is already a challenge within itself, but being a first generation college student makes it a little more challenging. Were you a first generation college student? If so think of the difficulties you faced; if not think of the advantages you had. The subject of first generation college students is extremely diverse because of the different elements it consist of. There are those who are regular first generation college students, but then you have those who are first generation college students with immigrant parents; who faces more challenges out of these groups? First generation college students with immigrant parents are faced with more challenges due to their unexperienced background, culture and lack of time.
As far as first generation college students, I myself am a first generation college student. As far as research and personal experience goes about the process and experience throughout the years I can relate to a lot of the things that were said, concluded and studied about the students. Throughout my college preparation process I didn’t have much support if any from my family, especially my parents, and my sister was still in high school and my brother was at a tech school. I had to go out and get information on my own through high school and other sources just to be able to visit then apply to schools that were interesting and fit me. Some immigrant parents never had the opportunity to attended…

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