History Of Exploration

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Victoria Major
Mrs. McAndrew
Honors World History
December 1, 2014
During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, exploration has changed in many different ways. It started to become more and more advanced by the second. Not only did the countries gain power in many places, but it also brought control and wealth as well. These were essential to exploration because if it wasn’t for trade, many places like France, Spain, and England wouldn’t have the control and power over the countries they own now. They also wouldn’t be able to interact with the natives who already were there. Therefore, the French, Spanish, and English wouldn’t be able to complete one of their main goals which was to expand Christianity and make more money.
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For example, Spain got a lot of support by the king and queen for exploration. And the ending effects for Spain was that, in over all, the Spanish were becoming a lot more wealthier, and Spain in general was also becoming a lot more powerful too (McAndrew). Another example for the types of government is the French 's government. The French, believe it or not, had no support at first. They were kind of on their own because nobody would support them. The reason why the governments of these places were so interested in actually supporting these countries was because, it would be a great way to earn money from trading and exporting things and items. And the countries would grow in economy and they would get a lot more …show more content…
It also motivated the Europeans to actually start exploring so they could become more advanced in technology, shipbuilding, and finding new land to take over. However, once the Europeans got to the New World, they wanted to live in peace with the Natives. The Indians were so used to the nature. They believed that no one could take over land. Most Europeans were all very religious. They brought ministers and priests with them across their journey to the New World. They did this to serve their religious needs (Lost In History). The Europeans believed that they must show their religious beliefs to the different people in the New World. The also believed that God would give them a reward for accomplishing something like this (Heather P). So from there on, once the Europeans got to the New World, that was their main goal. The Indians however, refused to convert to Christianity. They didn 't like the idea of just having someone come over to a place where they were all free and trying to control

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