Early Jamestown Vs Massachusetts Bay Colony Essay

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When the New World was discovered, people who sought to settle were there to attain farmland, fame, and a better life. The people wanted to be able to practice their religion liberally, to get away from persecution, create trading businesses, and become landowners. Even though they were all looking for freedom in the New World, every colony had their own way of practicing religion, established settlements, and how they created a new life.
Puritanism, consisting of both Puritans and Pilgrims, was a big group of believers that left the Catholic Church after the Reformation. Although both of these groups originated from the same place, they had many differences between them. The main difference was the time they arrived in America. Robert Browne led the Pilgrims in 1620 on the Mayflower. Since they had endured such a rough voyage, they were fewer in
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Smaller population was harder to sustain a colony. They did not have the families and groups of people who were built to survive Jamestown’s conditions that were thrown their way (Schweikart and Allen 2004).
Massachusetts Bay Colony and Plymouth Colony were both founded by the Puritans. Both of them were founded because they either chose to leave England or they were exiled. The Non-Separatists were those who were forced to leave England and founded Massachusetts Bay Colony when the Separatists left England on their own and founded Plymouth. These colonies were used to religious reasons over economic ones. The Puritans were way more stable than the settlers in Jamestown. They were very much able to grow food while the noblemen struggled with starvation in Jamestown due to awful diseases (Schweikart and Allen 2004).
Massachusetts was highly successful when compared to Jamestown. Even though they were both similar in some ways, they served different economic, social, and political ideas. Through their history, it is clear that Massachusetts was mores sustainable when it came down to

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