What Was The Cold War? Essay

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What exactly was the Cold War? The Cold War was basically a war between the United States and the Soviet Union which never became “hot”. It was based upon ideological differences, the United States’ capitalism versus the Soviet Union’s communism. It was a competition to see who was better. After World War II the Cold War began. George Kennan, known as the “Father of Containment”, said that the Soviet Union was impervious to logic of reason, but only sensitive to logic of force. He said that we needed to contain communism else it would spread. President Truman used this theory to try and contain its spread. The Truman Doctrine would support free people that wanted to resist being taken over by communists. Truman thought that once a country fell to communism, it would be like dominoes, and one after another would fall too. Once World War II itself was over, the United States did not want communism to take root in the war-torn countries that endured the war, so we passed the Marshall Plan. This plan gave around one-hundred and thirteen billion dollars in the form of loans to these countries so that they could rebuild. Germany was split into two parts after World War II, West Germany and East Germany. The United States, France, and Great Britain overlooked West Germany, while the Soviet Union controlled all of East Germany. Berlin itself was also split in the same fashion. At one point the United States was trucking food into Berlin for its citizens, but the…

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