What Was First The Chicken Or The Egg? Essay

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What was first the chicken or the egg? The title of this essay can be used to explain the man debate on slavery and race. For many years people have been debating the topic of race creating slavery or slavery creating race. In order to make an informed decision on the subject matter one must look at both sides, and look arguments that were already presented in order to be completely informed. To start how this debate one must know basic definition of slavery and race. Race, as defined in discussion, is a preset structure that is defined in society to help identify culture. Whereas, slavery “is a condition compared to that of a slave in respect of exhausting labor or restricted freedom” (Google.com). Race and slavery have two very different definitions, but both still played a intracule role colonist society and still have lasting effects on society today. Race preceded slavery based on the both preset ideas of difference, and the creation of laws that were designed to limit the social success of African Americans; as well as, established racial superiority amongst Caucasian people.
To start off this debate we must first look at the oldest justification of slavery which is the “Curse of Ham”. The “Curse of Ham” refers to when Noah was drunk and naked; he was discovered by his three sons. One of his sons did not cover his eye and viewed his father in this naked state, and Noah cursed his son family to be the servants to others, and to be darker complexed (Lecture 6).…

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