What Type Of Leadership Style Best Fits Your Abilities Essay

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Define what type of leadership style best fits your abilities.
The leadership style the best fits into my abilities is the coaching leadership. Developed by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard in the late 1960s, Daniel Goleman in 2002 made it famous by including the coaching leader as one of the existing leadership styles (Boykins, Campbell, Moore & Nayyar, 2013). Coaching leadership style distinctively outline roles and tasks of followers, but the followers are included in the sharing of ideas and suggestions, and open communication style, but the leader still makes the ultimate decision (Boykins et al., 2013). According to Boykins et al. (2013), coaching leadership style is often applicable to any settings where performance or results need improvement, the need to enhance skills, build character and strength, and provide guidance. As a coaching leader with respects to my profession as a nurse educator, I will help direct and guide, provide encouragement and inspiration, share ideas and encourage suggestions to help motivate and mold the nursing students to have a questioning attitude, think and act as leaders (Boykins et al. 2013). Coaching leadership style generates a positive workplace environment; every follower is familiar with the general organization 's mission and goals and the expectation of each member of the team (Boykins et al. 2013). An effective coach leader develops good communication skill that is essential to successful leadership, learning to listen with…

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