What Type Of Innovation Is Go Pro? Essay

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1. What type of innovation is Go Pro? Explain your rationale.
The GoPro Hero4 Session is an example of product innovation (Gorchels, 2012, pg. 164). GoPro is known for its innovative cameras that can record any activity you are doing, such as surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and more (Mac, 2013). It is an improved version of previous goods such as regular cameras and even earlier GoPro models. The Session is working to make the GoPro smaller and more portable, as opposed to the previous models that can be large and clunky. It was going for an iPod Shuffle feel where it slimmed down some of the more common features of a GoPro to make it more simplistic. Some improvements still need to be made to the Session however, since some of the features make it complicated to use, instead of easier like it was intended. GoPro seems to be working on improvements and should hopefully be able to create a new version of the Session with more product innovation (Fowler, 2015).
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2. Explain the reasons why Go Pro has penetrated the market so fast, with millions of consumers having purchased it. GoPro’s creator Nick Woodman had to determine the market…

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