Essay What Type Of Incentive Drives Students?

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Recognition Causes Motivation Occasionally money isn’t the most important thing to a student when they are trying to conduct motivation. In an article titled “Recognition, not money, motivates middle-schoolers to learn, especially girls”, shows that even with money involved, students would much rather have a sign of recognition. Sometimes people in general need motivation from others in order to flourish. In other words, people need to feel acknowledged of their performances. This study was conducted to find a way that can possibly increase the qualities of education given out to children. The research was done at Vanderbilt University, and posted on their website. Although the study was focused on school systems, it was also supported by articles and studies found in the workplace and sports teams (Brasher). In the Article “Recognition, not money, motivates middle-schoolers to learn, especially girls”, the researchers conducted a test to see what type of incentive drives students to become more successful due to the motivation gained from the asset given. The purpose of this experiment was to determine what really motivates students. There were three groups that would be asked to go to a tutoring class, there they would be accounted for their attendance. This experiment had three types of subjects from 5th-8th grade; one group would get “a reward of $100”, another would get “a certificate of recognition, signed by the school’s district superintendent, [and] the…

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