What To Do When Your Gas Pedal Sticks Case Study

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Arrive Alive - What to Do If Your Gas Pedal Sticks
Contact the leader in auto insurance companies in Dallas today. A Box Insurance Agency agent is ready to take your call, and provide a quote for your insurance needs. For over 90 years, Box Insurance Agency has been one of the region’s best-known auto insurance companies in Dallas. In the following, learn what to do when your gas pedal sticks, placing you in harm’s way.
The gas pedal (also called an accelerator) can stick on an automobile, resulting in acceleration even after removing your foot from it. Although it rarely occurs, the situation is frightening and extremely dangerous. The vehicle can accelerate to full speed and be completely unresponsive to braking.
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The gas pedal may simply need oiling. Squeaking and resistance when you operate the gas pedal may indicate the need for oiling. Lubricating the accelerator is a task car owners rarely provide, so it’s important to request the service from your mechanic during maintenance.
If the accelerator seems to respond unusually, don’t drive the vehicle until a certified mechanic inspects the vehicle, identifies the cause, and repairs the problem.
Call for a wrecker to take it to the shop, the extra cost is well worth paying rather than risking your life. If you do not have towing insurance on your automobile policy, contact the area’s top auto insurance companies in Dallas, Box Insurance Agency. Our agents represent one of the area’s oldest leaders in auto insurance companies in Dallas, and are available to discuss your insurance needs with you.
Recommended Action on the Road
A stuck gas pedal is an emergency, and is one you can handle safely if you stay calm, and take back control of your car.
1. Stay calm and try not to panic. Turn on your hazard
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Shift the car into neutral. If the vehicle has a manual transmission, remember to depress the clutch to shift gears. If successful, steer the vehicle to the nearest shoulder or safe place. The engine will still race, and you will have both power steering and brakes, meaning neutral is the best solution if possible.
5. If you are unable to shift into neutral, turn off the engine with the key, but do NOT remove the key or the steering will lock with no control at all. Turning off the key is a last resort, and will turn off power steering function, and power brakes. The vehicle will be extremely hard to steer and control. Be prepared to put some strength into it.
6. If your vehicle has a start on/off button, hold the button down for at least 3 seconds to disable the vehicle; do not tap the button, hold it down.
7. Once you have come to a complete stop safely out of traffic, turn the engine off if still running, and leave your emergency flashers on. Call for assistance. Do not drive the vehicle until a certified mechanic has repaired it. If you would like to add emergency assistance to your automotive policy, contact an agent today from Box auto insurance companies in

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