What Strengths And Weaknesses Of An Organization 's Management Model?

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The organizational diagnosis is an activity that managers or business consultants perform in order to discover what the strengths and weaknesses of an organization 's management model are. The systemic approach is a key factor for the planned results to be achieved in this way,and to create a diagnosis that a manager should analyze all processes and management practices of the main areas of a company (sales, production, finance, human resources, technology, etc.) with the intention of improving the performance thereof.
Asking the right questions is the first step. The survey for information should be carried out on a visit to the processes, seeking together, the managers and employees of the company, to answer to the questions set out in the diagnosis process, is to always be grounded on objective evidence (records).
The consultant, at this stage, can make use of some of the tools from his consulting box (extension.harvard.edu):
1. Benchmarking is a research process in which a company determines systematically, how competitive are its proceedings with those of competitors, by comparison with other companies in the same. This process should be continuous, always aiming to compare products / services and business practices, preferably leaders of its market. It is used to identify the best practices and then adapt them to the reality of the company (bain.com).
2. The Balanced Scorecard allows to describe the strategy clearly, from an integrated and balanced view of the company…

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