Essay on What Rituals Do You Practice?

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Haley: “What rituals do you practice?”
Gandhi: “Hindu rituals are known as Samskaras and they are often integrated into community life. Different sacred texts describe various Sanskaras and the often do not agree on how many there are. The most widely accepted number is sixteen. These sixteen rituals are often seen as ‘rites of passage’ for the Hindu community (Das). I am only going to detail a few for the sake of time. Garbhadhana, Punswana, and Seemantonnayana are the rituals that cover the conception and pregnancy, in which prayers are offered to various gods regarding the health and safety of the child. Jatakarma is performed after the child is born. The child is given a ‘secret name’ and a taste of honey (“The Sixteen Hindu Samskaras”). During the first breastfeeding, the mother recites the mantra. Nama-karana is performed on the eleventh day of life and it is when the child is given a ‘formal name’ (“The Sixteen Hindu Samskaras”). Samavartana commerates the study of the Vedas. Vivaha is the ritual of the marriage ceremony. During the ceremony, the couple must walk around the sacred fire seven, ‘ascertaining that all auspicious undertakings are begun in an atmosphere of purity and spirituality,’ to legalize the marriage (Das). The groom’s scarf is tied to the bride’s dress to represent ‘nourishment, strength, prosperity, happiness, progeny, long life and understanding’ (Das). Antyeshti are a Hindu’s ‘last rites’ that are performed after death (“The Sixteen Hindu…

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