What Really Matters At The End Of Life? Essays

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What Really Matters at the End of Life? In BJ Millers TedTalk, “What Really Matters at the End of Life?” BJ Miller discusses on how we think about death and honor life. He speaks to the audience about how, for most people the, scariest thing about death is not death itself, it is actually dying or suffering. The targeted audience is everyone in the world, because eventually everyone is going to die and everyone thinks about death. BJ has three big points in the article saying, Distinction between necessary and unnecessary suffering. Also by having a little ritual that helps with this shift in perspective. Another point is to lift and set our sights on well-being. We need to lift our sights, to set our sights on well-being, so that life and health and healthcare can become about making life more wonderful, rather than just less horrible. He enters the first big point by saying “After all are role as caregivers, as people who care is to relieve suffering not add to the pile.”(4:55) I really like this statement, basically saying that we shouldn’t add more stress or hurt a person any more than what they already are, we should try and help them / care about them. Even to our selves’ we should try to care for our self and not keep suffering , do things that excite you and are healthy to you. BJ talks about frank that is living with advancing prostate cancer on top of long-standing HIV. He explains how frank is an adventurer and how he came into the clinic saying he went white…

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