What Motivates Someone Do Something Can Not Be Determined By Reading A Book Or Looking At A Graph

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What motivates someone to do something cannot be determined by reading a book or looking at a graph. What motivates someone is unique to them and no one does a task or job for the same reason. This also applies in our personal lives, we stay motivated at work for different reasons and our managers help us to stay motivated. No organization sets out to fail or be unsuccessful; everyone wants to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. For an organization to be successful they need to have highly motivated employees to help them succeed because “the success of an organization depends largely on human capital and its motivating factors (Hauser 2014). There are many different reasons people are motivated, it can be something as small as a pat on the back, to impress someone, because you 'll receive a prize for it, or because you 'll be punished if you don 't. No matter what the motivation may be it is what drives employees to work harder and be more successful at their job. This paper will give an explanation of the effect that motivation can have on an employees ' commitment and performance at work.
To understand what motivates an employee we must first discuss what it actually is. Motivation is defined as “the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward arraigning a goal” (Robbins, Judge 209). Intensity is used to describe how hard an employee’s tries at their job. Intensity can have both good…

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