Essay about What Measures A Happy Life?

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What measures a happy life? Is it by a life that is void of struggle and hardships? Is it by how much money you make? Or perhaps by how many friends you have? Is it a direct result of physical pleasure? Some would argue that all of these things are precursors to a happy life. In fact, the philosopher Epicurus is convinced that pleasure, the alpha and omega of happiness, can only be achieved in the absence of pain and turmoil. In opposition, influential people like Steve Bollman, Mother Teresa, and Aristotle believe a happy life comes from living an ethical life, an ethical life comes from figuring out who you are meant to be as a human, and is measured by ethical virtues we acquire. An ethical life, a life of virtue or the process of becoming the greatest version of yourself, is the greatest measure of a happy life.
People are driven by finances and, in many cases, measure the worth of their human life by the amount of money they have in their bank account. It’s widely agreed that if you have copious amounts of money, you must have a happy life because you can afford all the world’s greatest luxuries. However, there is substantial evidence pointing this incorrect thinking. You might recall the suicidal drug overdose of Heath Ledger, a famous actor seen in the movie “The Dark Knight.” He had fame, fortune, family, and what looked like a successful and happy life. Indeed, he had all the makings for a happy life, but what he lacked was charity and knowing what to do…

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