What Makes Your Body? Essay

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Your body could be radically different in just 22 days. You could have more energy, less fat, and a sharper mind. And you could do all of this without starving yourself or working out for hours every day. When I say you, I mean you! Everyone can achieve this new and improved body according to Jonny Bowden. His program promises big results quickly, but is his promise actually good? This New You in 22 review will take a look at the program and what it can really offer you.

What Is It?

It is a blueprint that helps you boost your metabolism in 22 days. When your metabolism works like it should, everything in your body starts to work better and you lose fat, gain energy, feel younger, and look younger. All you have to do is learn the information inside and apply it to your life.

There is a meal blueprint that comes with the program (they have it listed as a bonus), and it gives you 22 days of recipes to boost your metabolism and burn off fat. The good news is the recipes are not all cauliflower based pizza or other popular diet foods - it includes real food like pasta, burgers, and cheesecake.

You also get some bonuses with the main program including:

- Insight into fat burning supplements that can help repair a dysfunctional metabolism and increase fat loss. These supplements are not fat loss pills that you see advertised all over the place; instead, they are all-natural supplements that work with your body to improve its overall function.

- Insight into how exercise…

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