Essay on What Makes Writing Good?

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What makes writing good? What makes writing effective? Is it some allocation of allusion and alliteration? Could it be millions of hyperboles? What if it is none of that? Good, effective writing is not a perfect, masterful control of literary techniques. Good, effective writing is, simply, a secure control of a few techniques.
A strong thesis is the beginning step in creating good, effective writing. A strong thesis builds the framework for the entire paper. Therefore, when the reader arrives at the thesis he or she should know what the writer is trying to convey. A strong thesis consists of the main argument of the paper and little else. The thesis will become difficult to find if the thesis statement is too wordy. A strong thesis should never include the main points of the paper. The thesis should inform the reader where the paper is directed, not present the entire paper in an abbreviated form. An example of a good, effective thesis is “Joyce uses various literary techniques to help the reader understand why Eveline did not leave with Frank” (Carlson 1). The sentence is only seventeen words long, and the thesis is apparent. The reader knows immediately what the writer is trying to convey. The writer is not too in depth with what points he or she will be using. This lets the reader have an idea of where the paper will be headed, but not an entire roadmap of the paper. Having a strong thesis helps create good, effective writing.
After using a strong thesis, the next step…

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