What Makes Writing Good? Essay

1248 Words Dec 6th, 2016 5 Pages
What makes writing good? What makes it effective? These questions have plagued students for decades. Students have suffered countless late nights trying to perfect papers hoping that it is considered good, effective writing. Students go searching for something that appears elusive, but is actually right in front of them. Good, effective writing is not some perfect, masterful use of all of the literary techniques; it is much simpler than that. Good, effective writing is, simply, a strong control of a few simple techniques.
A strong thesis is the first step in creating good, effective writing. A strong thesis sets up the framework for the entire paper. Once the reader hits the thesis they should know exactly what the writer is trying to convince them of. A strong thesis consists of the main argument of the paper and little else. If more is put into the thesis statement then the thesis will get buried. The reader will then have trouble finding what the paper is trying to prove. A strong thesis should never include the main points of the paper, just the main idea. The thesis should tell the reader where the paper is going, not present the entire paper in an abbreviated form. An example of a good, effective thesis is “Joyce uses various literary techniques to help the reader understand why Eveline did not leave with Frank” (Carlson 1). The Sentence is short, only seventeen words long, and gets directly to the point. The reader knows immediately that the writer is trying to…

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