What Makes The Study Of Human Development A Science? Essay

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What makes the study of human development a science?

The study of human development become a science when it uses the same methods as every other science, which are theories, data, analysis, critical thinking, and sound methodology. Developmental scientists ask questions and seek answers, trying to determine how and why, looking for the processes of development and the reasons for those processes.

What are the five steps of the scientific method?

State the problem (begin with curiosity), hypothesis, and test, record and analyze the data, report the results.

How does research on SIDS illustrate the replication and application of the science of child development?

Research on SIDS illustrates the replication and application of the science of child development by repeating the study and using different participants from other cultures.

What is known and unknown about the causes of sudden infant death?

What is known is that birth order does not matter, other factors can increase the risk, sleeping position mattered, and back sleeping reduced SIDS
What is unknown is why it still occurs, and if it is genetics.

What is the difference between nature and nurture?

The difference between nature and nature is that nature=heredity and Nurture=environmental influences.

How do theories differ from facts? Theories differ from facts because theory is an idea, and facts are data.

What is the basic idea of psychoanalytic theory?

The basic idea of psychoanalytic theory is that…

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