What Makes Team Effective? Essay

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Teamwork Turmoil
Conflicts are ordinary in many teams and groups. Problems can be unraveled while they are minimal and trivial, as long as they are identified while they are lesser in the beginning. The team has many benefits from the different backgrounds and diversifications that are favorable to any team setting. When a team has diverse personalities, cultures and different genders, it is a team that has been presented with an opportunity to acquaint with people from all walks of life. The learning team is having many challenges and a hard time articulating their expectations of one another. The team members are coming on strong as they voice their opinion, i.e. Delery, commented “well, we never really agreed that we should do takeaways every day” (Hodge, Jerkins & Isabella, 2007). In this instance, their challenges are growing and will not come to an end if they don’t address their issues at hand.
The Key Strategic Issues What makes teams effective is for the members to be open-minded and innovative. Share information, knowledge and areas of expertise; develop working relationship by building trust and sharing commitment to the team and projects. In the case of this team, the key issues that they were facing were poor communication, accountability was not implemented and leadership was not specific. Tony Marshall was not able to see the challenges arising from the beginning, and as they escalated; he was not able to impede the issues and the roles. The team…

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