What Makes Shoes And How They Evolved? Essay

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Does one think about the history of shoes and how they evolved?Around 40,000 years ago the first shoe was mad and it was nothing but cloth.It is amazing how shoes have took different forms,shapes, and colors over the years.Does one think about why the silly name sneakers was applied to shoes.A man named Henry Nelson McKinney came up with the name sneaker for plastic shoes because they were so quiet that you can sneak up behind any one.The evolution of shoes, the major companies, and the price of shoes contribute to the current day astronomical prices. Sandals have been around for many years now.Manufacturers of shoes continues to grow every day finding new materials to be on a shoe to make it comfortable.The manufacturer is a growing industry that affects what people wear everyday. Some people wear shoes and know the origin and some people wear shoes and do not really care about the origins, but it is good to know your history every now and then.The costs to make a shoe is very minimal compared to what you pay for it. Think about why the costs of shoes go up every year by a large amount but it costs so little to make it.The materials of shoes nowaday are mostly just leather with different colors in it to make it look like the materials actually cost a lot. As one can see the start of shoes was a very interesting thing that took a lot of fails to get just one accomplishment.A reference from a book called The Toes stated that the first shoe was invented

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