Does Communication Technology Make People Antisocial?

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Right this second, billions of people are on their phones, scrolling through their Twitter timeline, their Facebook newsfeed, posting pictures on Instagram and on their snapchat stories, and possibly even texting their loved ones good morning. Over the years, the world population has increased; our communities became bigger, but our social circles became smaller. This is mostly due to the atrocious outbreak of smartphones. In Weaver’s words, “‘The more closely people are crowded together...the less they know one another’” (Smith 401). This quote manifests the power that smartphones have over people. When large groups of people get together, they feel obliged to check their phones or use their tablets to avoid any possible social interactions. …show more content…
As Turkle says, “The presence of our tethering media signal that we do not want to be disturbed by conventional sociality with physically proximate individuals” (122). Some people use their phones as a “Keep Out” sign, and this causes other people to avoid initiating a conversation with them. This is starting to become a social norm that is anything but social. Eventually, people will keep avoiding social situations and this will make them antisocial. News17 seems to also completely agree on this issue. In one article they point out that “Today, whenever there’s a lull in conversation or a moment of solitude, people whip out their phones to check their emails, texts, snapchat messages, and facebook feeds” (1). This quote basically sums up our generation and how it has succumbed to the power of technology. Instead of making small talk, we check our emails for the 500th time or look through our photos. We do not have the courage to familiarize ourselves with the strangers around us because we are so used to the comfort we find in not having to conversate face to face. We have deprived ourselves from social connections and interactions. Now we depend so much on our phones to provide us with an online social life that we forget about the actual social life; no wonder we find it harder to interface with others in person than online. We are not antisocial, but, ironically, communication technologies certainly have made some of us

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