What Makes Me A Good Listener? Essay

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In my previous paper I talked about what it is like to communicate with me from my view. I compared my communication skills to painting a picture, and just like painting a picture I want to make sure I do not miss any details. In part three I will interview: my mom, my boyfriend and my sister. I have known all three for a very long time and have had multiple conversations with various topics. In this paper you will see what it is like to have a conversation with me threw their perspective along with a summary to tie in the missing parts.
My mom was very open and honest with me during our interview. She stated “ you are one of the best listeners I know”. I was surprised to hear this and continued to ask her “what makes me a good listener”? She told me a great listener focuses on one conversation at a time and is able to care about what is being said, she said you have these qualities, I love talking to you because I know your response will be caring and useful. My boyfriend answered all my questions without hesitation. He said you are one of the best listeners I know, you are always reassuring me that you are still paying attention to what I am saying and asking questions to make sure you are interpreting everything I am saying correctly. He said you have taught me how to be a better listener just by me seeing how you listen to others. My sister says “ I feel like you have great listening skills, you know how a lot people listen to reply, I feel like you really…

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