What Makes An American Individualism

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Individualism is the act of being independent and/or self-reliant. Every person in an area or location is an individual. America is the place where people come to discover and be themselves. Individualism is expressed in American Literature. This theme is discovered in: Benjamin Franklin's Moral Perfection, Crèvecoeur's, What Makes an American, and finally Thomas Paine’s Moral Perfection. Paine explains that in order to express themselves they have to break from Britain, motivating people to become an individual country. Crèvecoeur believed and expressed the different groups of people. He admired people for being who they are and discovering the new world. Benjamin believed that people had the ability to achieve moral perfection, but with that …show more content…
He speculates America as being “melted into a new race of man”(Crévecoeur 88). This idea comes to be known as the melting pot. He goes on to describe America as an immigration haven because every face is different but the people are living in one area. As individuals, we each have our own characteristics. Crévecoeur goes on to state these characteristics as industry, good living, selfishness, litigiousness, country politics, the pride of freemen, religious indifference (89). He reveals people living in the colonies and how they have adopted their own characteristics. As people adopt new ideas and government, transforming into new people becomes easy. Summing up his argument, he says, “We are nothing but what we derive from the air we breathe, the climate we inhabit, the government we obey, the system of religion we profess, and the nature of our employment” ( Crévecoeur 313). Human are and will continue to be the result of surroundings and situations, and have the ability to change as the surroundings do. He believes that America will treat people better and transform the people into stronger individuals, as it has become the land of the people. Crévecoeur expresses the spirit of individuality and all it has to …show more content…
Individualism is found in each piece of text provided and is expressed in many writing pieces. Both Moral Perfection, What Makes an American and, American Crisis express the different parts of personal growth, the coming together of colonies, and America becoming whole. Individualistic values are dependent upon the views of freedom and independence. The values develop and embrace self-reliance and individualism. All three texts express personal growth and the challenges that arose with the search to uncover personal development. Individualism helped to create the United States and implement a land of liberty, and a society where the government continues to protect the rights of all individuals equally. With this, Individualism creates individuality and advocates the liberty and rights of an

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