What Makes An American Dream? Essay

1009 Words Apr 23rd, 2015 null Page
What makes an American Dream? Living in the U.S. everyone has a different dream of being successful. Many of us were told to work or go to school if you want to become successful. The majority of us dream of success as having a big beautiful home located in the suburbs, expensive vehicles, and many materialistic things. Some Americans believe that success is furthering their education level, having a good career, having the ability to support their families, and overall having a secure lifestyle. My American Dream is to become fully educated because later in the future most workplaces won’t hire you if you don’t have a degree and I prefer to have an educated and secured lifestyle, so that I can be more independent and I won 't have to depend on anybody. Anyone can become successful, but to stay successful you have to strive for it by remaining faithful to what you want to do for your future and never quit because all of the money and luck won’t last forever. Warren Buffett, a well known chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway,business magnate, investor, and philanthropist believes that he was brought into this world with wealth and good health due to winning the “Ovarian Lottery”. I recently watched a video clip on YouTube of Buffett describing how he won the “Ovarian Lottery” and I read a quote from his biography called the “The Snowball”. In his biography Buffett says, “I’ve had it so good in this world, you know. The odds were fifty-to-one against me being born in…

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