Essay on What Makes A State A Failure?

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What makes a state a failure? And why does the international community not do anything to help? In the case of Somalia, help has been given time and time again, with no progress or improvement made of affairs. There are many theories in International Relations, but the Realist and Liberalist approach explain the situation in Somalia with the most precision. The failed state of Somalia also explains why international intervention does not help in the domestic affairs of a state, but often increases tensions. The efforts of the international community failed in Somalia due to obstacles such as the ignorance of culture and the lack of sovereign authority to work with.

There are many factors that play into what makes a state a failed state. Saskia Sassen and Razi Ahmed explain in What is State Failure? that these factors include aspects such as: internal conflict, civil war due to ethnic or religious problems, the inability for a state to govern within the borders of the country, or having lost control over large parts of territory in the state, the availability of goods and resources such as health care and education, military power being the only branch of government in absolute control, the gap between the upper class and poor drastically widening, crumbling infrastructure, corruption, non-existence or the facade of democracy, and a state where the legitimacy of the government is gone (2010). There is disagreement on what the standard definition of a failed…

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