What Makes A Positive Image Of Myself And Seek Identity As Well As The Sense Of Belonging

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When it comes to what motivates us to learn and, conversely, what deters us, the desire to acquire knowledge and enhance practical competencies to achieve job security, a pay rise and promotion are the highest reported motives (Gould et al., 2007). However, things appear to be different at Sport Birmingham. Our staff members are motivated more by the enjoyment obtained from engaging in professional learning activities and they have the desire to give something back to the community by helping other colleagues to improve (Cushion et al., 2010). For me, I hope to construct a positive image of myself and seek identity as well as the sense of belonging by talking and doing things together (Wenger, 2000b). In contrast, lack of awareness of CPD, high educational cost, less interest in available activities and personal problems are the main barriers to learning engagement (Cushion et al., 2010). But after I interviewed them, the participants showed favourable attitudes to CPD and began to regard it as a crucial factor of their ongoing development.

Stage 5: Conclusion

Although the level of reflection that I have achieved is inevitably confined to my personal propensity (Roberts, 2009), I have managed to identify the positive and negative points of my experiences, acquire knowledge through different activities and improve competencies by absorbed in CoP. More importantly, I have developed a professional relationship with my colleagues and become part of this community in the…

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