What Makes A Person 's Identity? Essay

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Identity is who you are, the way you consider yourself, the way you are viewed by the world, and attributes that characterize you. A person’s identity is what makes them unique and sets them apart from other individuals. Privilege is constructed and standardized by the established frameworks of society and it grants privilege to people due to certain aspects of their identity. All through life, privileges will change each day contingent upon your location, the society you are surrounded by, and your current social status. Realizing that benefits are for the most part based on identities, despite we still continue to move on and improve ourselves. Individuals from different the same communityies or not, aren’t all equally privileged, do not share the same privileges and they all hold a class higher than another based on their identities that they acknowledge. I was able to explore the way how in which being Catholic, and white plays a huge role in determining the privilege of an individual with few questions.
I had the opportunity to get together and interview Ms. Meagan Morrison, a white young lady, and converse with her about how her identities reflect her privileges. Meagan is a heterosexual white woman that practices Catholicism and has been raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. On the other hand, I am an Indian heterosexual male, born in a Gujarati culture family. I was Rraised in the United States of America, and my religion is Hinduism. Meagan and I have completely…

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