Essay on What Makes A Person 's Body

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A person’s body is what makes them who they are. Everyone is unique due to a physical trait they have. Even though everyone has a different opinion about what his or her perfect body would be, changing one’s physical features would take away from the uniqueness and specialty of that specific individual. I personally would never even think about getting plastic surgery for myself, because I really do not see any point of changing the way God created you, just so you become content with changing a part of your physical appearance. Whenever I look at myself, I don’t see someone who is too tall, hairy or ugly one bit. I see a beautiful masterpiece that God spent countless hours fixing until he became one-hundred percent satisfied in his work. I take pride that there is no other person on Earth who looks exactly the way I do. Not only does my outer beauty stand out, so does to beauty inside of me that is also different from anyone else. Imagine how boring the universe would be if every single person had looked the same. I honestly could not be more satisfied and happy with my body image. First of all, what exactly is body image? Body image is the way people view themselves and image how they look to others. It is basically how you feel about your body, as well as your imaginations, emotions and perceptions. The media has been able to shape popular culture and often influence public opinion. However, this may not always be a good thing. Mass media tends to affect a person 's…

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