What Makes A Meaningful Life? Essay

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What constitutes a meaningful life? A meaningful life is something humanity strives for. A life that can be looked back on with a sense of accomplishment and content. A life that although unimaginably complex in its entirety can be summarized with a few awe-inspiring words depicting purpose. A meaningful life is a topic dealt with in the novel by Beatrice Culleton Mosionier In Search of April Raintree. The novel follows the lives of two Metis’ sisters, April and Cheryl, from their experiences growing up in foster care until their eventual reunion in Winnipeg, the city where everything started and ended for them. The novel subtly poses this question of what meaning in life looks like. So what constitutes a meaningful life? Life is different for everyone. Consequently meaning looks different for everyone. However, though meaning materializes in different ways, it consists of three things. A meaningful life as portrayed in In Search of April Raintree consists of identity, loss, and love.

Identity is meaningful to life because it affects a person’s self-image, decisions and emotions. Identifying with a people group provides the foundation for self-image. This foundation for self-image can be positive as it allows people to feel connected to a heritage of things such as national sports, foods, and holidays. April feels self-respect when she is introduced to White Thunderbird Woman “She had seen something in me that was special, something that was deserving of her respect… If I’d…

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