What Makes A Inner Connected? Essay

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Relationships, with one’s self and others can be a source of great satisfaction, inclusive learning, and often a place of profound depth as well as a deep, heart opening experience.

I maintain that the connection with one’s self, taking into consideration the fact that we have been fully programmed by our family of origin, our society, religion and culture, is the first and primary relation that impacts all others.

I maintain that if we are truly inner-connected, meaning we are aware of our needs our thoughts, desires, fully aware of our shadow self; the place where we hide what we can’t accept about who we are, and aware of all our emotions, not just the one’s that society, religion, culture, and families deem worthy, but all our emotions. With this connection a lasting, enduring, consequence of trust can be not only conceived of by us, but sturdily, steadfastly, and solidly, birthed.

It takes attention, impeccable, unrelenting, attention to details in order to have such a place to work from within our selves. It is not for those who want a quick fix as we can fool our selves more than others can if we allow it. It is not for those who want what they want; yet they know not why. No, for this kind of evolution one must attend to, not turn away from, the places inside that hurt. First they must be able to feel what hurts and then know why it hurts, they must begin to know them selves in order for evolution to get a strong foot hold in their lives and in order for…

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