Essay What Makes A Good Life?

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“There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living,” as stated by Nelson Mandela meaning that nothing should stop anyone from being living a good life and ultimately the life they want to live. To start living the best life possible is to be generous in everything from one’s time to money, to just simple words of encouragement. Similarly, it is important to always appreciate everything and to never take what one has for granted. Lastly, to live a good life, one must make sure to stay true to themselves and to never become someone they truly are not. How to live a good life is often taking into interpretation and has several different aspects based on matter of opinion, but three ways to ensure one will have a good life is to be generous, constantly show appreciation, and to remain truthful to oneself.
One of the most important aspects to living a good life is to be generous. Generosity is not just money or items to give, it is also time. Giving up one’s time can make a difference in someone else 's life more than objects and wealth. The old adage, “’tis better to give than to receive”, still is true today. Many people believe in doing “random acts of kindness” or “paying it forward”, something that still demonstrates the old saying ultimately explaining, giving is good. This is important for people to realize that while they may have everything in the world, other people do not. Many people like to…

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