What Makes A Good Leader? Essay

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The role that I most associate myself with is the one that Alice fills in the story. She plays the role of the “gasoline” that runs the change process “car”. I too am one that likes to make the decisions, and I am more than happy to work hard for things I truly believe are a good cause. I often take leadership roles when working on projects, where I have power to influence the choices made, but I don’t want quite all the responsibilities to fall back on me, like they would for Louis. I am one that likes to ask a lot of questions, therefore I would be good at gathering information during a change process, and I can report back to others because I have good social skills. As a leader, you need different types of individuals working under you in order to get things done. If you had a group full of leaders, everyone would want to be in charge and making decisions would be difficult. If no one took initiative to keep things moving and plan the next move, nothing would get done. If I were the leader of a group that’s goal was, for example, to build a small park in a city where is currently a rundown lot, I would be the head director of the parks and recreation department, like Louis is for the penguin colony. My role would involve leading my whole team in the change process, making sure I gave all voices a chance to be heard, and make major decisions. It is important to have a conservative leader who can keep things organized, and when people can easily come to you when…

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