What Makes A Good Leader? Essay

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There are a myriad of individual races and cultures that are melded into our Army. It is these different backgrounds coupled with Army culture that shapes our leaders. To become a leader, you must first become a good follower. As a follower, the individual has the propensity to become a good leader. Trust and loyalty must be present to groom subordinates into leaders.

Leadership is the capability to empower and motivate others. A leader is an individual who uses this capability to prompt others toward a common goal or end state. A leader will need to draw from personal experiences to make sound decisions.
What exactly makes a good leader. A good leader is individual who is always motivating themselves and others towards completing a mission or obtaining a goal. A leader is an individual who cooperates not only with their subordinates but also with their superiors. It displays reverence to decisions made by superiors and to those that have come before them. This proves that a good leader must also be a good follower. As a follower, an individual is provided task, conditions and standards and is instructed to execute. A follower has the foundation to become a leader. The interaction with superiors, peers and situations assist with shaping the followers’ mind set into becoming a leader.
To be a good leader, trust must be earned. Trust built between a subordinate and a supervisor is done overtime. In my experience as a junior soldier; I was entrusted by my…

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