Essay on What Makes A Good Leader?

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1. What makes a good leader and why?
The making of a good leader is a subject that has been explored, researched worldwide for thousands of years. As a result, there is a plethora of information available to scholars studying the topic of what makes a good leader. Some of which research is rather subjective, however there is a common denominator of intrinsic characteristics that make a good leader. The authors of our required reading have done a fantastic job gathering and placing them into ten distinct truths of what makes a good leader. I am going to list the ten fundamental areas of what makes a good leader and explain why.

1. In order to be a good leader, a person who has this desire needs to truly believe wholeheartedly that they will make a difference and have a positive impact. They must believe in themselves before they will ever get people to believe in them. This is by far the most important characteristic of what makes a good leader.
2. A leader must be credible to be a successful in a leadership position. There are many cynics and naysayers who are always looking for a reason not to follow their leader. There are many examples of leaders making life changing mistakes and losing their credibility as a leaders. Some that come to mind for me are gigantic religious leaders such as Jim and Tammy Faye Baker who essentially lost their followers overnight because of scandal. Another leader who lost his credibility overnight was President Bill Clinton due to his sexual…

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