What Makes A Good Leader? Essay

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When it comes to bringing someone new into the workplace, there should be a lot of consideration completed before doing so. It takes a strong person to lead a team and get things completed on time, correctly, and in a good manner. The person in a managing position should be able to lead their team and be in control at all times. If, at any time, the person is not able to fulfil their duties they should be replaced with another capable person. This way the company is still continuing to run and function properly and the customers are getting served like they should be. A good leader should be able to maintain several job oriented tasks as well as keep a good open relationship with the other team members. This includes asking them what could make things better, what would make the company flow better, and what would they like to see happen in the workplace. This feedback is a crucial part of making everyone happy.
When it comes to different types of leaders and which one should be placed where, there is a lot of questions that will arise. However, “the transactional leadership, rewards and punishments are contingent upon the performance of the followers. The leader views the relationship between managers and subordinates as an exchange - you give me something for something in return. When subordinates perform well, they receive a reward. When they perform poorly, they will be punished in some way. Rules, procedures, and standards are essential in transactional leadership.…

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