What Makes A Good Horse Mounted Shooting Horse Essay examples

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Cowboy mounted shooting is the fastest growing up and coming sport in the equine industry. Not only do the riders get to ride a horse fast and hard through different patterns, they also get to shoot real guns. Before you become Annie Oakley there are a few things the shooter needs to know. First they need to have some equipment before anyone can perform. A horse is kind of a given but I am going to tell you what makes a good cowboy mounted shooting horse. In the equine species there are several different breeds, but the one breed that is the most all around built for quickness and speed is the Quarter Horse. As far as conformation that is all your own personal preference, but a wide base short back will be great for your speed and turning. Height I would suggest 14.5 to 15 hands is a good height, you don’t want them to tall it will take longer to get up to speed and turning won’t be as tight. Next you need tack, a rider uses a saddle, which is the seat in which that keeps the shooter on the horse when riding at fast speeds. The type of saddle that works the best is a high back seat to hold you in. There is also a bridle which has a bit on the end of it which goes in the horses mouth to direct the horse in different directions. Ear plugs are also an essential piece of equipment, they protect the horse from the loud blast from the guns. Second a shooter needs a set of 45 single action revolver pistols that shoots black powder blanks, and old west style holsters to hold them.…

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