What Makes A Friend? Essay

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“As a person, i’m pretty much the same except I have come to terms with who my real friends and supporters are. I don 't get particularly friendly with new people at the first go” (Dutt). In life I have to come to terms with who my real friends are, and through that I learned from my mistakes, mistakes that I once called friends, I have built my walls up and I have put a door in my walls, only for a select few to come through. I have had some hard knocks, on the other hand that’s what makes me human. Friendship is important to me, on the grounds that I have been friendless, I know what it feels like to have people tear me down over and over; I have my real friends to build me up again. Friends helped me to trust people with my feelings, when I didn’t have trust for anyone. Friends helped me to learn how to laugh at myself, my mistakes, and most importantly to laugh at the stuff that hurts the most. I value friendship as a result of my past experiences and not having any friends, for the reason that friends teach you how to trust people, they teach you how to laugh, and how to stay light hearted, friends also take the stress away.

I have learned oodles from my past experiences involving friends. In the beginning most of my experiences were negative. I didn’t have any friends to share secrets with or to invite to my birthday party. I always wanted a friend; I wondered how it would feel to have a friend. When I was younger, I spent a great deal of time crying, as a…

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