Blade Runner: What Does It Mean To Be Human?

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What does it mean to be human? This is a question that has been fiercely and extensively debated over the years. Philosophers, scientist, preachers, among many others have all questioned what constitutes humanity. It can be argued that nearly every person has at least once in their life debated this question with another human. But what makes them human? Is it their ability to argue? What they wear and how they look? Maybe being human is defined by where you come from? All these questions concern the basics of what makes a human human. Two arms, two legs, a head on top. These are the basics. However, to find out what it truly means to be human, we must look deeper into the mind and nature of humans. There are movies that touch on this subject as well. Blade Runner questions what it means to be human by exploring human-looking robots and their feelings. Are robots humans? There’s another question to consider. Another film …show more content…
There is a character who could be considered evil and many would say he is not human. But why is he not human? He is physically real, as in not a robot, he has the ability to make decisions and he has a past that has influenced him. Why would they say he not human? This character, Anton, is evil. But he is human. They very fact that he is able to consciously make the choice to kill other humans says that he is human. It’s hard because we want to believe that doing good for others is what makes a person human. But sadly, it’s not. As ideal as that would be, it is simply not true. What make us human is when confronted with a choice, it doesn’t matter what we choose, it’s the fact that we are able to understand that our actions and choices have consequences, be them good or bad. Anton’s choices resulted in mostly bad consequences, and yet he still consciously made the decision to kill. It can definitely be argued, and most likely proven, that Anton is a bad human, but he is one

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