Theme Of Hatred In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Everyday we talk about hatred and how people slaughter one another, but yet we never truly understand what is beneath the sugar coated lies. To Kill a Mockingbird forces you to wash away that coat and deal with the harsh reality of our world. The novel takes place in Maycomb, Alabama in the 1930s. It describes a rape case and how racism was the true culprit behind both it and its conclusion. The author, Harper Lee uses a mockingbird in the book to express how in this harsh world, there are a few people who try to maintain what little peace is left. The mockingbird is a great symbol in this story because it represents the people who do nothing but try to comfort others.They are part of a very small group of peaceful things in our corrupted world …show more content…
The mockingbird in the novel represents the people who do nothing but try to help others. Tom Robinson was attacked and slaughtered because of people 's childish acts. Another person that people forced their hate upon was Boo Radley when really he is about as experienced as a little child who does his very best to help people that he cares about. Harper Lee 's book touches on many subjects that are still major problems today. In order to get past these problems we must face them head on and realize that most of the people that we are attacking and killing are really “mockingbirds”. They are being attacked because of hate when really most of the people who we are hating against are innocent and are just doing their best to make it through the harsh reality of life. We can not continue to force our hate out and then expect and complain how the world is not changing, we are the change. Humanity is a cruel race and the sooner we realize and accept this, we can work together to turn all the energy that we waste on hate into peace and love. Everyday we hear on the news how people are at war and killing people, and this just makes us create these awful stereotypes that then soon build and make us then attack the “mockingbirds in our life. The problem now is that there is so much hate and racism in our world and instead of fixing it, we brush it under the rug and just like anything that you let sit, it gets worse. Then when we hit the point that we can not brush off anymore, we direct all the things that have been getting worse and building up towards the people who not causing anyone harm. We are sinning because of this killing. Reading this book makes you side with Boo and Tom, we are all on their side, but then when we stop reading and step back into the real world, we attack the Toms and Boos in life. How

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