What Is The Summary Of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

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.Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince is the sixth book in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series. It is a pivotal point in the seven book series. It was all fun and games up until this point, but with the ever growing power of Lord Voldemort, fear is sinking into the heart of all witches and wizards. Harry tried to warn them years ago of the dark master’s return to power but nobody seemed to want accept the fact that the most powerful dark wizard in existence is back. Now it is up to Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the Chosen One, and his friends, to stop his rise to power before the wizarding world and the non-wizarding world are destroyed side by side.
The Half-Blood Prince begins in the prime minister of England’s office. The prime minister
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The next day Harry reports to Dumbledore’s office for private lessons. It takes him back into the memory of a young man and shows Harry a little bit of the origin of Lord Voldermort. The morning after was filled with homework and more work. Plus, Harry, now head of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, had to hold tryouts for the team. After that Harry and the gang went to Hogsmeade to relax amongst themselves. When they were leaving they heard a yell as Katie Bell began to levitate into the air screaming. The nurse concluded it was a cursed …show more content…
Harry tricked Ron into going to the potions master and once there he got an antidote for the love potion laden chocolate. After getting cured they all raised their glasses to drink from a bottle of mead destined for Dumbledore but intercepted by Slughorn. Ron took one sip and collapsed. Harry rushed and found a bezoar to ram down his throat. Harry then went to go and play in the school quidditch cup. After a while Harry found out how to get the memory from Slughorn. It would require Felix Felicis. He took some and went the funeral for Hagrid’s giant pet spider Aragog and he took Slughorn along to get spider venom. He got slughorn drunk and bam, memory. Harry took it to Dumbledore for one of their private lessons. It showed all about Lord Voldemort’s evil comings. Harry decided to use one of the spells on Malfoy. It almost kills him. Harry then runs to get Ron’s potion book because he was afraid of what Snape would do if he found the one he had actually been using. Harry got detention and missed the quidditch game. He went back into the dorm and found they had won. Harry had decided to celebrate by kissing Ron’s sister Ginny. Dumbledore took Harry to a cave to find a piece of Voldemort’s soul and destroy it. They got out and returned to a battle laden Hogwarts. Harry and the headmaster flew up to the astronomy tower and

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