Civil Disobedience Persuasive Speech

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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all ways for today’s people to communicate and voice their opinions but how did they in the year 1940? I’m sure it was rather hard with Nazi oppression breathing down their necks. Eat, breathe and sleep Nazism. It was not the time to be alive if you wanted to display your individuals, millennials today would definitely be in trouble. The real question though is why didn’t anyone stand up and fight back. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have. Everyone around you brainwashed to believe in a radical movement and you stating anything against can lead to your death. It was better to just try and blend in. Hoping that the Third Reich doesn’t come knocking on your door. It’s terrifying to think that some individuals thought it was just a fog that would pass and believe this is something that lead to the individuals hiding in the shadows. The Nazi movement won’t last too long, right? How about six terrifying years of oppression not including the years after the war. It was definitely not a fog. Some individuals knew it wasn’t …show more content…
Thankfully as he pushed farther into new territory’s and further against those he hated, some individuals where making the means of a rebellion. I think a great example of individuals that stood up against the Nazi regime was the Bielski brothers. They lived in eastern Poland that was annexed by the Soviet Union in 1939. Nazis pushed through Poland and the Einsatzgruppen (kill squads) where not too far behind executing every last Jew in 1941. The brothers took refuge in the Belarusian forest and set up a partisan with Tuvia Bielski as the commander. A forest is a great location to hide but the season was not. The winter was harsh in Poland and would lead to several problems for the partisan. I think that the most important thing about this group is their aim was not to create a coalition of fighters but to save every Jew they could and protect them as long as they

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