2nd Amendment Persuasive Speech

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I am going to start out talking about our 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms. In today’s society you might as well bite your tongue, we have our people who believe they should be ripped away and others who say that everyone should own a gun. But what would Andrew do? Personally I believe Andrew would have wanted to keep guns, 1 reason being that he killed Charles Dickinson in a duel. These 2 relentlessly hated each other but this event had sparked after a horse derby, Dickinson stated that Jackson had lied about changing his bet on a certain horse and proceeded to call him a coward and as well told Jackson’s wife that she was a bigamist. Although Andrew suffered severe injury it never really affected his campaign. The bullet was removed 10 years later. As well Andrew never faced criminal charges because well the laws were just not like they are today.
Andrew’s beliefs on immigration? Well I don’t really have any pure facts, but we all know that he is responsible for the trail of tears. This man wasn’t really fond of Native Americans clearly as he forcefully pushed them out of the states like Utah and Oklahoma, Kansas. Etc. Not really sure why he had a hate for them though, but he did. Kind of like how Trump doesn’t like Mexicans. I am sure both of them could relate. Andrew really struggled with banks or against the bank, Jackson didn’t believe that no private banks should be allowed to control or tamper with American’s money. He really just wanted to destroy the 2nd bank of the United States, in 1832 Jackson had vetoed
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Jackson was in a tough spot not only with his presidential campaign but was in trouble as well with southern tribes, and most of the states government, and the U.S. had reached in better lack of words a critical juncture. In his 1st actual message he requested that an area west of Mississippi’s river be set apart from it and guaranteed to the Indian tribes, where they could be taught the arts of civilization, and perpetuate their

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