Obesity In Americ A Case Study

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This year in the United States of America more than eight million athletes will compete in an organized high school sport. Of this eight million only 460,000 will go on to compete at the NCAA level and of those 460,000 only 1% will compete in the Division I sector. (George, 2013) “Being the 1 percenter”, as many athletes call it, is a goal that millions of high school athletes have. They dream of playing on the court or field surrounded by thousands of fans and being televised all over the country. They long to see the day when they walk into the locker room and in the athlete’s locker sits piles of brand new personalized expensive gear that will be warn around campus and admired by the remainder of the student body. However, this recognition …show more content…
Obesity in America is a large issue that affects many citizens because of the widely available food options. Many of the portions given to a person at a restaurant or in when eating at home are more than two times the amount that a person should be eating in one sitting, and on average do not contain the required nutrients that a person should eat every meal. Normally this is okay for an athlete to eat more than the suggested calorie count per day because they need the extra nutrients and calories to make up for the strenuous work they put in during the practices and workouts. However, when they stop working out due to an injury and continue to eat like this, it will quickly lead to obesity. According to Every Day Health, “Studies have shown that obese people are about 25 percent more likely to experience a mood disorder like depression compared with those who are not obese” (Depression and Obesity). This statistic shows that depression and obesity are very closely linked. Depression and obesity can have very damaging effects on a person’s body and even more detrimental effects on an athlete’s body. Some of the additional problems obesity causes are diabetes, joint problems, heart disease, breathing difficulties, social issues, and self-image problems. These issues aid in the effects and mental issues of depression and will cause an athlete to become obese extremely

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