What Is The Most Important Influence Of Education?

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Education is the most important influences on health in the contemporary United States. With a good education, you don’t only understand the risks that substances like smoking tobacco or drinking have on your life, but with a better education you are usually provided with a better job or career and given more coverage with insurance and health care. People who are poorly educated usually end up getting a job that doesn’t have the best pay, that loses their interest and doesn’t challenge them, and these aspects of a job all could potentially lead to health risks (Mirowsky, 2015). Those who do have a higher education are known to have less stress, which means less health problems, and they have more energy to push themselves to new opportunities …show more content…
Having children born into a higher social class also allows them to have more chances for their future. A person born in poverty would have a difficult time trying to climb their way out and get a good education because schooling is expensive and most people in poverty can’t afford going, so they become stuck. There are the few children who experience intergenerational mobility and become determined to have an upward social mobility, and when they do, they slowly climb higher on the social ladder (Henslin, 2016). It takes a lot of work and dedication, but it is possible for those who know education is their key to a better life and are determined to be successful, no matter how long it takes or what other people may think. Education helps overrides the default American lifestyle which leads to a better and longer lived life (Mirowsky, 2015). Also, over the years people have become more educated on how smoking can affect their bodies. Smoking used to be done by high-status people, but women were looked down on for engaging in smoking no matter what their social-status. Smoking nowadays happens more with stress (Ho, 2015). The lower class people, who are less educated and not provided with steady jobs probably smoke more to relieve their stress from their daily lives. “Individuals with higher levels of education are better informed about health innovations, better at implementing new health technologies, and more likely to have individuals in their social networks with awareness of or access to health-related improvements and information (Ho, 2015),” with this information you can see how important education is for our health. People who are more aware of the effects of smoking and are surrounded by people who are also aware and know how to cope with their stress in the right way, help prevent bad habits from arising, like

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